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James D. King Research Award

This award honors the memory and vision of Dr. James D. King, a surgeon-scientist who trained at Ohio State and received the first doctoral degree in surgical research ever presented by the University.

The James D. King Research Award promotes scientific excellence for surgeons in training. Other purposes for the award are to ensure that the masters student works with his/her advisor to develop a clear research project plan; to provide an opportunity for the student to receive external critique; to provide the student with oral presentation experience; and to promote interaction with other students.

The award was established by an endowment from Dr. King's son, Richard King, MD, while he was a chief resident in general surgery. Awardees receive a cash grant to use for educational purposes in their research training.

James D. King Research Award Recipients

Awardee Year Topic Advisor
Taehwan Yoo, MD 2015 Immunotherapeutics Cameron Rink, PhD and Mounir Haurani, MD
Shayna Brathwaite, MD 2014 Cancer biology Christina Wu, MD and Ching-Shih Chen, PhD      
Kara Keplinger, MD 2013 Cancer biology Matthew Ringel, MD      
Rachael Sullivan, MD, MS 2012 Hepatocellular carcinoma and
Jacob Samson, PhD and Carl Schmidt, MD      
Mika Reschke, MD, MS 2011 Intestinal inflammation and repair Gail Besner, MD      
Jon Wisler, MD, MS 2010 Novel immune biomarkers in sepsis Clay Marsh, MD      
Laura Peterson, MD, MS 2010

Vascular repair/regeneration and
cerebral ischemia

Cameron Rink, PhD and Michael Go, MD      
Thomas Pham, MD, MS 2009 Humoral immunity and transplant Ginny Bumgardner, MD, PhD      
Amy Collins, MD, MS 2009 microRNA and pancreatic cancer Mark Bloomston, MD      
Alicia Thomas, MD, MS 2008 CMV virology Charles Cook, MD      
Lisa Haubert, MD, MS 2008 Surgical anatomy education Susan Moffatt-Bruce, MD, PhD      
Irina Shahknovich, MD, MS 2007 Mouse model of spinal cord ischemia Philip Popovich, PhD and Hamdy Elsayed-Awad, MD      
Vance Smith, MD, MBA 2006 Models for faculty reimbursement
at AMCs
E. Christopher Ellison, MD      
Lloyd Brown, MD, MS 2005 Tumor immunology William Carson, MD