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Lisa D. Yee, MD

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Associate Professor-Clinical, Surgical Oncology

Physician, FGP-Surgical Oncology



1994 - present Diplomate: American Board of Surgery


Xu,Ronald,X; Qiang,Bo; Olsen,John,O; Povoski,Stephen,P; Yee,Lisa,D; Mao,Jimmy. "Localization and functional parameter reconstruction of suspicious breast lesions by near infrared/ultrasound dual modal imaging." 2005 27TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF THE IEEE ENGINEERING IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY SOCIETY, VOLS 1-7. (January 2005). 4473-4476.



1986 M.D., Yale University School of Medicine


Editorial Activities

2010 - present Experimental Biology and Medicine

Journal Articles

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"Cancer Prevention." Presented at Surgical Grand Rounds, Columbus, OH. (December 2002)

"Physical & Psycho-social Issues after Breast Cancer Diagnosis: Hormones, Fertility, Menopause." Presented at Delivering the Promise, 6th Annual Mission Conference of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Washington, D.C.. (June 2003)

"Management of High Risk Breast Patients." Presented at Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Grand Rounds, Columbus, OH. (June 2003)

"PPARs, fatty acids and breast cancer." Presented at Breast Research Round Table, Kansas City, KS. (January 2003)

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"PPARgamma, fatty acids, and breast cancer prevention." Presented at Ohio State University Nutrition Seminar, Columbus, OH. (May 2005)

"Breast Cancer Prevention." Presented at Surgical Grand Rounds, Columbus, OH. (May 2008)


Professional Activities

2002 - present Living with Lymphedema: A Comprehensive Care Model. The James Cancer Hospital, Columbus Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Columbus, OH.
2004 - present Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program.
2011 - present World Cancer Research Foundation Grant Program. World Cancer Research Foundation.
1999 - 2003 NCCN Patient/Physician Communication Task Force. National Comprehensive Cancer Network.
2003 Medical Reviewer. Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.
2003 - 2004 Advisory Committee. The Ribbon: Advice for Life after Breast Cancer. Columbus, OH.
2000 - 2009 Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.